Answer the following questions to help develop your cultural responsiveness.

Views about race and culture:

  • What are my thoughts about racially and culturally diverse groups?
  • What shaped my perspectives of individuals from groups different from my own?
  • Do I believe my values and attitudes are superior to those of other groups?
  • What types of interactions do I have with individuals from cultural groups that are different from my own?

Classroom practices:

  • How does race and cultural background (i.e., mine or my students’) influence my teaching?
  • What is the race or cultural background of those students with whom I have difficulty relating?
  • What messages do I send to the class about race and culture?
  • Do I treat all students with respect (e.g., correctly pronounce my students’ names when I speak to them or call on them in class)?
  • Do I value the experiences my students bring to the classroom?
  • Do I have prejudicial thoughts or allow prejudice to direct my actions in the classroom?


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