Activity: Related Service Providers and Other Professionals

Next month, Susan’s class is going on a field trip to the zoo. Susan needs to learn the layout of the zoo.
Nora’s teacher is giving a chapter test in social studies tomorrow, and she needs someone to read the questions to Nora.
Ms. Sun needs to order a science text that is accessible for Chuck, a sixth-grade student. She discovers that the textbook is available in braille or on audio CD and needs to decide which version to order.
Enrique is in first grade and has not mastered subtraction using the numbers 1-10. His teacher would like to know what strategies were used at his last school to teach this skill.
Mr. Harris wants to make a geography lesson fully accessible to Dora. He wants to know how he can make the information on his map accessible.
DeAngelo has low vision and uses a monocular to view the board. His teacher believes that he would benefit from a closed-circuit television to magnify the words in his textbook.