Behavior: Frequency and Interval Recording

Activity: Behavior Assessment

View the video below. Download the event recording form (PDF) to record instances of the student’s target behavior, determining the frequency and the rate. Then view the video again and download the interval recording form (PDF) to record this same behavior. Be sure to use the stopwatch when recording your data. Also, a beep at each twenty-second interval has been included to help with collecting the interval data.

Note: This video clip is quite short because it is for illustrative purposes only. To evaluate a student’s behavior, an observer should gather more data.

Questions/Discussion Topics
  1. What was the frequency of the student’s target behavior?
  2. Based on the frequency recording data, what was the rate of the student’s target behavior?
  3. For what percentage of intervals did the student exhibit the target behavior?
  4. Compare the results of the frequency recording and the partial interval recording.
  5. Based on the data, do you think the student’s behavior is problematic? Explain.