Below are some of things that IRIS users are saying about our resources and services.

You are amazing! I want to sincerely thank you and the faculty and staff of IRIS for an amazing workshop. From the time you sent out the invitation to the closing minutes on Saturday, the presentations, “customer service,” professional and collegial attitude really made the information easy to digest, understandable, and applicable. I can only give you the highest marks for all….I come back to LMU with a renewed sense of what is possible in this ever-changing world of education, teacher development, and training.

— Faculty member, Loyola Marymount University, School of Education

I am a regular ed. teacher working on my special ed. credential. This module was the most helpful of my degree so far. The students love it. It was easy for them to grasp and they really like the clarity-precise directions to follow. They know they are on task. They ask me to do group reading time every day! I have been a teacher for 22 years and I am printing these out for the new school year to start right off!

— Experienced Teacher, responding to the CSR: A Reading Comprehension Strategy module

After viewing the module, I had to sit quietly for a while. It was very moving and beautifully done. I have never seen anything like this before and will share this site with others. Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn in a new way.

— College student, responding to the What Do You See? Perceptions of Disability module

I recently had the opportunity to attend an IRIS Faculty Seminar held in Rapid City, South Dakota….I just want to say thank you and to let you know I will be using activities from one of the modules tomorrow for my EED 324–Curriculum Theory course! The materials, the facility, and the presentations were all outstanding!

— Faculty member, Haskell Indian Nations University, School of Education

This module is very comprehensive and gives a wonderful crash course in the core elements of behavior modification. Further, it provides forms and examples of forms (tools) that can be used for data collection. Many teachers in my district have a good understanding of how to track behavior but then the ball gets dropped; the data is not analyzed and no documented interventions take place. So if the behavioral difficulty increases or decreases, there is no evidence to explain why. I think this module will prove to be a wonderful tool to use for staff development trainings. More importantly, this resource is available online for all to see so they can review it at any time during the year when behavioral difficulties arise. Love it! Thanks for such a great Module!

— School psychologist, responding to the Functional Behavioral Assessment: Identifying the Reasons for Problem Behavior and Developing a Behavior Plan module

I am using the IRIS Modules with my grad students who are seeking certification in special education, and they are a wonderful resource. The modules are particularly beneficial for assignments in courses that are taught online or as hybrids. I use the RTI Module quite frequently and recently shared it with colleagues in PG County Schools, who also spoke very highly of the RTI Module. Thanks for making my job easier!

— Faculty member, Coppin State University, School of Education

I wish I had known about this module before my first year of teaching. I would have had more time for teaching and have spent less time disciplining had my plan been more comprehensive and consistent up front. The module chunks down a highly complex process and scaffolds the process of developing the key components in a systematic, comprehensive manner. This activity has been as useful as anything I have done while earning my Master of Education degree.

— Graduate student, responding to the Classroom Management (Part 2): Developing Your Own Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan module

This module is AWESOME. It’s timely (with the new evaluation model, differentiation is the name of the game), and it’s very informative. I’ve viewed many Modules from the IRIS Center; this may be one of the very best with all of them being very high quality. Thanks!

— PD provider, responding to the Differentiated Instruction: Maximizing the Learning of All Students module

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