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For tips on how to navigate our Website and use our most popular resources, please view our helpful navigation videos.

IRIS Website

If you have technical support questions about the IRIS Website, email our help desk at [email protected] or reach us by phone between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (CST) at 1-800-831-6134 or (615) 343-5610.

To get the full benefit from our resources—and to make certain that the multimedia components run smoothly on your device—you will need to ensure that your computer meets certain minimum hardware and operating system requirements. We’ve outlined these for you below.

The IRIS Center is proud to maintain a Website that meets the compliance regulations and criteria for online accessibility expressed in Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act. Besides being subject to periodic tests and evaluation by individuals with disabilities, the IRIS Website features:

  • Barrier- and password-free accessibility to the site itself: To facilitate ease-of-use and barrier-free visits, the IRIS Website does not ask visitors to sign in or create an account to view our free materials and resources. Only those wishing to make purchases through one of our IRIS Professional Development options are required to create an account ID and password.
  • Keyboard site navigation option for those who have difficulty manipulating a mouse: Certain kinds of disabilities make using a computer mouse unwieldy and difficult. For this reason, the IRIS Website features simple navigation via your keyboard. Use the “tab” key to cycle through the links and buttons on a given page, and tap “enter” to make your selection.
  • Alt text descriptions of pictures and graphics: For those with visual disabilities, we include alt text descriptions of the photos and descriptions of the artwork, tables, and graphs that appear in IRIS Modules and other resources so that those who might have difficulty seeing them can nevertheless take full part in those materials.
  • Consistent navigation across sections and online features: Every section of the IRIS Website was carefully considered and designed with a consistency of form and function in mind. Accessibility features present on one page are present on every page, something we believe will help to ease the difficulty and frustration of navigating a large Website with many features. This sentiment also applies to our STAR Legacy Modules, which are built around a consistent, predictable format that offers a variety of navigation options.
  • Video captioning: All IRIS Challenge videos, video interviews, and instructional demonstrations are closed captioned for those who have hearing impairments.
  • Transcripts of all audio and video features and written descriptions of video presentations not featuring speech or dialogue: Also for those with hearing impairments, the IRIS Center creates transcripts of every audio and video feature on the site, including those videos that might not include dialogue. Simple click on the link beneath the audio or video to access its print version.

As further innovations in Website accessibility become available, the IRIS Center will review all current features and layouts, striving always to make our online home a more welcoming place for anyone who wishes to visit.

To make sure you are able to view PDF files, visit the Adobe Website and follow the instructions for your computer and operating system to get the latest version of Adobe Reader.


IRIS Professional Development

Have technical support questions about any of our professional development options? Email our help desk at [email protected] or reach us by phone between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (CST) at 1-866-626-4747.

The IRIS Center is seriously committed to protecting your personal information. The data that are entered into the IRIS Website–your name, email address, and login information–are used solely for the purpose of processing and completing your professional development order and so you can log in to your IRIS PD Hours account at any time. Under no circumstances will we ever sell or rent your information to a third party.

For more information, please feel free to contact the IRIS Center at [email protected] or 866-626-4747.

Your IRIS Module selections are available immediately upon completion of your order. Please remember to log in to your account to access your module and receive your PD certificate. Modules accessed via the IRIS Resource Locator or online search engine will not record your progress and no credit can be awarded. You have 90 days to complete the module.

How do I complete an online module?

  1. Select the module(s) through our secure online system.
  2. Follow the online instructions to access the My Professional Development page.
  3. Take the Pre-Test for your selected module (note: exiting a test before it is completed will result in the loss of that data and forfeit of one attempt).
  4. Review the module at your leisure (you have 90 days).
  5. Take the Post-Test. You may take the Post-Test a total of three (3) times without additional charge. The highest score you achieve will appear on your certificate.
  6. Generate your Certificate (Select Pre- and/or Post-Test scores if you wish to display your highest score on the certificate).
  7. Print or email the certificate.

How much time will I be allowed to complete a module?
You have 90 days from the date of purchase to complete the module. You will receive email reminders every 30 days until the module is either completed or has expired.

How much time do I have to complete the Pre- and Post-Tests?
There is no time limit while you take the Pre- and Post-Tests. If you are unable to complete the Pre- or Post-Test in one session, you will lose the data and will be required to start over. You are permitted only three (3) attempts at the Post-Test.

How many questions are in each test?
The number of test questions varies from module to module. There are 10-15 questions in each Pre- and Post-Test.

Can I access online modules from any computer after the purchase?
Yes. To access your account, you need to login using the same user ID (your email address) and password you used previously.

Can I select several modules at the same time?
Yes. You can select several modules in one transaction. Keep in mind, however, that each module must be completed within 90 days.

How long does it take for you to activate my selected module(s)?
Your module(s) will be available immediately after completion of the selection process.

Do I have another chance to take the test if I fail on the first attempt?
Yes. You can take the Post-Test up to three (3) times.

Can I view your sample certificate?
Yes. Click the sample certificate of completion for a larger view.