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PD Certificates for Educators

Practical, flexible, and built around trustworthy resources, IRIS PD Certificates for Educators are a terrific option for educators who are ready to take their professional development to the next level, including:

  • K–12 general and special education teachers
  • Principals
  • Paraeducators
  • Substitutes
  • Other school support staff (e.g., bus drivers, hallway/cafeteria/playground monitors)

Did You Know?

IRIS PD Certificates for Educators will remain free through December 2024! The IRIS Center’s free Professional Development options are made possible by a generous donation from the Wachs family and the ongoing support of IRIS users like you. 

Self-guided and self-paced, IRIS Modules cover numerous relevant topics in a way that is in-depth but approachable. These online resources can be used to improve educator’s knowledge of:

  • Evidence-based instructional and behavioral practices
  • IEPs
  • Accommodations
  • Teaching English language learners
  • Instructional supports for students with disabilities
  • And more

Getting started couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Create an account with a username and password.
  2. Browse available IRIS STAR Legacy Modules and select those that best suit your PD needs. Thirty-seven modules are now available, and more are added all the time.
  3. Work through the module. To do so, you will:
    iris PD process

Your IRIS PD Certificate (accessible through email or as a downloadable PDF) includes your name, the module you completed, the date, the clock hours you earned, and your pre- and post-test scores, if you choose.

Want to share at-a-glance information about IRIS PD with your principal, superintendent, or other school administrator? We’ve done the work for you. Download and print this handy factsheet.

Are you a school or district leader looking for personalized learning opportunities for your educators? Do you want to learn more about how IRIS resources benefit K–12 educators and how IRIS Modules align with the Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA). Download and print this personalized learning handout.

For Your Information

IRIS Modules can be used as self-study units for which learners can earn a Certificate of Completion. These certificates are appropriate for professional development requirements in circumstances where clock hours are accepted. IRIS Modules, however, are not equivalent to courses through which learners can earn credit hours (rather than clock hours), such as those offered through a university or continuing education office that include associated transcripts.