The Use of Native Languages in the Classroom

April 2, 2009, The IRIS Center

Leonard Baca describes how he became involved in bilingual special education, the importance of teachers making connections between the curriculum and the language and culture of their students, and the dynamics of family involvement for English learners (time: 7:24).

Questions asked of Leonard Baca in this audio:

  1. Professor Baca, can you tell us how you became involved in studying culturally and linguistically diverse exceptional learners?
  2. Will you talk a bit about the reason behind classroom teachers’ using their students’ native languages and connecting those students’ culture to the curriculum?
  3. It seems that many of the reading materials we have in use today are more reflective of culturally diversity than in the past.
  4. And what about family involvement?

Leonard Baca

Leonard Baca, PhD
Director, BUENO Center for Multicultural Education
University of Colorado, Boulder

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