Cultural and Linguistic Differences

April 2, 2009, The IRIS Center

Donna Ford discusses the importance of acknowledging cultural differences, the influence of stereotypes, and some of the factors related to academic success for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (time: 9:00).

Questions asked of Donna Ford in this audio:

  1. Professor Ford, can you tell us how you distinguish cultural diversity from cultural differences?
  2. And these differences occur even within ethnic groups?
  3. What kinds of factors affect individuals from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds in the classroom?
  4. I’d like to turn for a moment to the issue of stereotyping. No one is entirely free of the impulse, of course, but teachers, it seems, have to be especially vigilant. How do stereotypes influence teacher expectations?

Donna Ford

Donna Ford
Professor of special education
andĀ Betts Chair of Education
and Human Development
Vanderbilt University

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