Selecting An Evidence-Based Practice or Program

February 24, 2010, The IRIS Center

Larry Wexler

Larry Wexler, PhD
U.S. Department of Education Office
of Special Education Programs
Mel Riddle

Mel Riddile, EdD
2006 MetLife-NASSP
High School Principal of the Year
Joseph Torgensen

Joseph Torgesen, PhD
Florida Center for Reading Research

A panel of experts discusses the selection of an evidence-based practice or program (time: 7:42).

Questions asked of the expert panel in this audio:

  1. Dr. Wexler, what should school personnel consider when selecting an instructional practice?
  2. Dr. Riddile, what additional advice would you give to school leaders who are selecting an instructional practice?
  3. Dr. Torgesen, what special considerations should school personnel contemplate when choosing an evidence-based reading program?
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