Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

March 16, 2012, The IRIS Center

Martha Thurlow discusses the importance of understanding accommodations and how they should be used to give students with disabilities the same opportunities to master content standards as their non-disabled peers (time: 4:27).

Questions asked of Martha Thurlow in this audio:

  1. Dr. Thurlow, we’re reading a lot of different terms in the literature: adaptations, accommodations, modifications. We see some of the more-recent literature where they’re clarifying those terms, but there still seems to be some confusion in the field about what all those terms are. Can you clarify those?
  2. During the IEP process, where are accommodations documented on the IEP forms?

Martha Thurlow

Martha Thurlow, PhD
Director of the National Center
on Educational Outcomes
Institute on Community Integration
at the College of Education and Human Development
University of Minnesota

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