What are the first steps that Ms. Flores, the school principal, and the School Improvement Team should take to support students with disabilities throughout the school system?

Page 4: Support Collaboration Between School Staff and Parents

parents at schoolWhen it comes to decisions affecting their children’s educations, parents should always be active participants. Principals play a key role in ensuring communication and a sense of shared responsibility between school personnel and parents.
They can:

  • Encourage parental involvement in planning curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Show respect to parents, share knowledge and information with them, and encourage teachers to do the same
  • Offer incentives to teachers to increase parent involvement

Parents can also play a role in ensuring communication between their family and their child’s school.
They can:

  • Ask teachers and principals questions about their child’s curriculum, instruction, and assessments
  • Help school staff to understand their child’s unique strengths, educational needs, or areas of concern
  • Find out from their child’s teacher how they can participate in learning activities at home, such as checking homework, preparing for tests, or seeking additional materials, such as review books for tests

Donna Reels, Involved Parent

Lipscomb Elementary School
Brentwood, TN

Listen now as Donna Reels shares about the importance of school personnel identifying with a parent’s dream (time: 1:04).

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Benefits to Staff and Students

When school staff communicates effectively with students and their parents: There is “school-wide understanding of goals and expectations” and all members of the community know their role within the school. Students and parents experience the school like an extended family. Schools provide safe, nurturing environments for students and their families.

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