What strategies can the School Improvement Team implement to help obtain their goal for improving test scores for students with disabilities by 10%?

Page 10: Evaluate the Plan Regularly

esp_10_aPrincipals should have a plan for monitoring inclusive assessment practices in their schools. Thurlow, Elliott, and Ysseldyke (2003) report examples of information to collect regularly:

  1. What checklists or guidelines are being used to make participation and accommodation decisions?
  2. Who is involved in the decisions?
  3. How many students with disabilities are enrolled in the building?
  4. How many took the general assessment? How many took it with accommodations? Without?

Principals should survey school staff to find out what their perceived needs are regarding inclusive assessment. Determine whether training, materials, consultation, or in-class assistance for inclusive assessment, accommodations, or related legal requirements is needed.


Re-examine the data you collected for the activity on Page 9. What plan would you use to monitor the performance of your students? What criteria would you use for making decisions about participation and accommodations for assessments?


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