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CEC 2024

Event Date:

We hope to see you at the CEC 2024 Special Education Convention & Expo in San Antonio, TX, March 13–16. Be sure to drop by the Exhibit Hall to meet our IRIS representatives and chat about everything happening at our center! For more information, visit the CEC Convention website.

March 14 1:00 pm Presentation Supporting Professional Development Providers with Effective IRIS Resources
March 14 11:45 am Panel U.S. Department of Education: Leading for Equitable Outcomes – Creating Impact, Fostering Success
March 14 2:15 pm Presentation Using IRIS Resources Effectively: Avoiding Burnout in Your Students
March 15 10:30 am Poster Session  Using IRIS Resources to Stay Current with EBPs After Graduation
March 15 2:15 pm Presentation Using the Latest Online Resources from the IRIS Center