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Autism Spectrum Disorder (Part 2): Evidence-Based Practices

PD Hours: 3.5

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This module, second in a two-part series, highlights strategies that have been shown to be effective in teaching appropriate behaviors and skills and decreasing inappropriate behaviors with children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It next explores several strategies that are particularly effective with young children, elementary and middle school students, and high school students.

Module Objectives

By completing the entire Perspectives & Resources section and reviewing the accompanying activities, the learner will:

  • Know the defining characteristics of ASD
  • Identify the four steps educators and practitioners can use to make an informed decision when selecting an EBP
  • Be familiar with EBPs that are effective for children and youth with ASD
  • Understand how and when to use the five evidence-based practices that are referred to as foundational strategies
  • Distinguish between focused interventions and comprehensive treatment programs