Work Groups & Ambassadors

IRIS Workgroups

Nimble, flexible, adaptable: IRIS workgroups convene on an ongoing basis to offer their indispensable guidance, expertise, and insight to advise our center on a broad array of topics and needs.

Those who have agreed to lead and their workgroup foci are:

The Innovation & Technology Workgroup directs IRIS’ efforts to offer online resources via the most current technology available. Whether it be utilizing universal design, improving accessibility, or tying your favorite IRIS resources to the newest educational apps, this workgroup oversees the development and continual refinement of IRIS technology. The workgroup lead is Lisa Dieker, University of Central Florida.

The Evidence-Based Practices Workgroup is continuing to expand IRIS’ efforts to provide our users with information about “what works” for learners and ensure that we are providing up-to-date resources that reflect current research. The workgroup lead is Bryan Cook, University of Virginia.

The Sustainability Workgroup helps us answer a critical question: How can IRIS assure the long-term sustainability of our center’s digital learning tools and resources? This workgroup plays an indispensable role as we work to create a model for scaling-up and sustaining the reach and influence of IRIS resources beyond our current funding cycle. The workgroup lead is George Sugai, University of Connecticut.

The Evaluation Workgroup provides insight and expertise on our evaluation plan, and on evaluation activities such as survey development, data collection, and analysis. This workgroup also assists in the commission of evaluation efforts as new and unforeseen needs as they arise. The workgroup lead is Michele Rovins, National Center for Systemic Improvement.

The Dissemination Workgroup seeks to increase awareness of the center’s Website and use of the center’s resources. It had a high level of involvement in the development of the center’s dissemination plan and continues to assist with these efforts in a rapidly evolving communications landscape. The workgroup lead is Kori Hamilton Biagas, Just Educators.

The MTSS/Intensive Intervention Workgroup will guide our efforts as we develop more resources focusing on the education of students with high-intensity needs, to better serve these populations, and to increase the overall quality of education for these students. The workgroup co-leads are Lou Danielson and Rebecca Zumeta Edmonds, National Center for Intensive Intervention.

The Topic/Service Selection Workgroup is key to our efforts to identify areas of critical need in personnel development, at both the pre-service and professional development levels. This workgroup, in collaboration with OSEP, helps to identify topics for new IRIS resources and services that could help support personnel development efforts. The workgroup lead is Sally Barton-Arwood, Belmont University.

The Technical Assistance Workgroup aims not only to help users enhance their use of IRIS resources but also to learn how to embed evidence-based practices into their courses and PD activities, or increase their capacity to use EBPs. Through Universal TA services and Targeted TA services, this workgroup covers Webinars and conference presentations that help consumers learn to use the IRIS resources. The workgroup lead is Darcie Peterson, Utah State University.

The Implementation Projects Workgroup assists users of IRIS products as they examine the effectiveness of the center’s STAR Legacy Modules and other resources. The workgroup lead is Kristin Sayeski, University of Georgia.

IRIS Ambassadors

These individuals, who will help with dissemination and scaling-up efforts, have extensive experience with pre-service preparation and professional development (including beginning teacher support) and expertise with the use of IRIS resources in multiple contexts. Our IRIS Ambassadors are:

  • Sally Barton-Arwood, Belmont University
  • Latricia Bronger, Greater Louisville Education Cooperative (GLEC)
  • Nicholas French, Monroe School District in Monroe, Washington
  • Victoria Graf, Loyola Marymount University
  • Shedeh Hajghassemali, Independent Consultant
  • Jill Hilst, Western Heights Public Schools, Oklahoma
  • Mary Little, University of Central Florida
  • Jordan Lukins, North Carolina State University
  • Darcie Peterson, Utah State University
  • Cammy Purper, California Baptist University
  • Angelica Fulchini Scruggs, University of Central Florida
  • Kimberly Snow, Utah State University
  • Sara Werner-Juarez, California State Polytechnic University, Pamona
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