Creating an Inclusive School Environment: A Model for School Leaders


Take some time now to answer the following questions. Please note that the IRIS Center does not collect your Assessment responses. If this is a course assignment, you should turn them in to your professor using whatever method he or she requires. If you have trouble answering any of the questions, go back and review the Perspectives & Resources pages in this Module.

  1. Describe three major differences between traditional and inclusive school environments.
  2. List and briefly describe the eight steps of Kotter’s model of change.
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of including an individual resistant to change in the change effort.
  4. It is important to provide explicit training on how to work collaboratively.
    1. Discuss the importance of providing training on effective teamwork to the guiding team members.
    2. Discuss the importance of providing training on working collaboratively for general education and special education teachers.
  5. PrincipalWhen implementing a major change effort such as creating an inclusive school environment, why is it important to build leadership capacity?
  6. Imagine you are the principal of Alexander Elementary School, which is beginning to create an inclusive school environment. Three influential and well-respected faculty members are quite resistant to this change. Describe at least three strategies you would use to gain their buy-in and support.
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