Differentiated Instruction: Maximizing the Learning of All Students

Wrap Up

Content, Process, ProductDifferentiated instruction is an approach in which teachers adjust their curriculum and instruction to maximize the learning of all students. Teachers can adjust three main instructional elements: content, process, and product. There are also three student characteristics that teachers should consider when planning instruction: readiness, interests, and learning profile. In addition, teachers who differentiate instruction employ ongoing assessment and flexible grouping.


View the movie below to hear Carol Ann Tomlinson discuss five key aspects of differentiated instruction (time: 4:07).

View Transcript | View Transcript with Images (PDF)


Revisiting Initial Thoughts

Think back to your responses to the Initial Thoughts questions at the beginning of this Module. After working through the Perspectives & Resources, do you still agree with those responses? If not, what aspects about them would you change?

What is differentiated instruction?

How do teachers differentiate instruction?

How do teachers prepare their students and their classrooms for differentiated instruction?

What does differentiated instruction look like in the classroom?

When you are ready, proceed to the Assessment section.

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