RTI (Part 5): A Closer Look at Tier 3

Wrap Up

In a three-tiered RTI model, Tier 3 intervention is more intensive, individualized instruction that is delivered through the special education program. Like Tiers 1 and 2, Tier 3 intervention consists of high-quality instruction, frequent progress monitoring, and data-based decision making. It differs from the other tiers in that instruction is delivered by a special education professional in a smaller group setting and for a longer instructional period. In addition, the teacher tailors his or her instruction to a student’s individual needs.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of one student’s experiences with Tier 3 intervention, view the movie below. Notice how school personnel at Rosa Parks Elementary address the issues of family involvement and culture (time: 1:35). 

View Transcript

Revisiting Initial Thoughts

Think back to your responses to the Initial Thoughts questions at the beginning of this Module. After working through the Perspectives & Resources, do you still agree with those responses? If not, what aspects about them would you change?

How can Tier 3 intervention be conceptualized in the RTI approach?

How can Tier 3 intervention be implemented?

What considerations should schools and districts be aware of when they deliver Tier 3 intervention?

When you are ready, proceed to the Assessment section.

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