What types of activities can Mrs. Nash use to increase her students’ reading skills?

Page 6: Prediction Relay

Two boys readingThe third and final activity in each PALS session is Prediction Relay. Mrs. Nash believes that this activity will benefit her students because the ability to make predictions is associated with improvements in reading comprehension, a skill many of her fifth-grade students appear to be struggling with. Prediction Relay consists of the three main steps outlined in the box below.

Prediction Relay
(10 minutes)

Beginning with the stronger reader, each student completes the four steps listed below and continues the process for five minutes, at which time the students switch roles. The students begin reading in the text at the point they left off in Paragraph Shrinking.

Step 1. The Reader makes a prediction about what will happen on the next half page.

Step 2. The Reader reads the half page.

Step 3. The Reader determines whether the prediction was correct.


partner reading and retell

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PALS in Action

View the movie to watch two students as they participate in a Prediction Relay activity (time: 1:10).

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