PALS: A Reading Strategy for Grades 2–6

Wrap Up

pals26_wrapPALS is a research-validated approach for increasing students’ reading performance. Through reciprocal peer tutoring, students have the opportunity to practice reading and to receive immediate corrective feedback.


Devin Kearns, MA
PALS trainer
Vanderbilt University

Listen as Devin Kearns summarizes PALS (time: 1:09).

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Revisiting Initial Thoughts

Think back to your responses to the Initial Thoughts questions at the beginning of this Module. After working through the Perspectives & Resources, do you still agree with those responses? If not, what aspects about them would you change?

What characteristics might Mrs. Nash look for in a reading approach?

What types of activities can Mrs. Nash use to increase her students’ reading skills?

How can Mrs. Nash implement these activities?

When you are ready, proceed to the Assessment section.

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