What types of activities can Mrs. Garcia use to increase her students’ reading skills?

Page 6: Prediction Relay

Students studyThe third and final activity in each PALS session is Prediction Relay. Mrs. Garcia believes that this activity will benefit her students because she has learned that the ability to make accurate predictions is associated with improvements in reading comprehension, a skill many of her students seem to struggle with. Prediction Relay consists of the four main steps outlined in the box below. Note that Step 4 incorporates skills from Paragraph Shrinking.

Prediction Relay
(10 minutes)

Beginning with the stronger reader, each student completes the four steps listed below and repeats the process until five minutes have elapsed, at which time the students switch roles. The students begin reading in the text at the point at which they left off in Paragraph Shrinking.

Step 1. Predict: The Reader makes a prediction about what will happen on the next half page.

Step 2. Read: The Reader reads the half page.

Step 3. Check: The Reader determines whether the prediction was correct.

Step 4. Shrink: The Reader identifies and summarizes the main idea of the half page in 10 words or less.

Corrective Feedback

Prediction Relay incorporates skills from previous activities (e.g., summarizing in 10 words or less), and so the Coach continues to offer the same feedback as before. Additionally, the Coach monitors and offers corrective feedback if there is disagreement about the prediction.

  • If the Coach disagrees with the Reader’s prediction, he or she may respond, “That’s not quite right” and suggest a more reasonable prediction.
  • After the Reader has read the text, the Coach asks, “Did the prediction come true?” The Reader responds by saying “Yes,” “No,” or “I don’t know yet.”

PALS in Action

View the movie below to watch two students participate in the Prediction Relay activity. For the sake of time, the movie highlights only one student reading and answering the Prediction Relay questions (time: 1:57).

View Transcript

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