How can Mrs. Garcia implement these activities?

Page 10: Implement with Class

Teacher with classFollowing six weeks of training, Mrs. Garcia’s students should be ready to independently implement PALS. As intended by its developers, Mrs. Garcia plans to incorporate PALS every other day (i.e., two to three sessions per week) for a minimum of 17 weeks. To form a consistent and predictable schedule for the students, these sessions should occur at the same time and on the same day each week. Each PALS session lasts approximately 35 minutes, allowing a few additional moments for transitions:

  • Partner Reading with Retell (12 minutes)
  • Paragraph Shrinking (10 minutes)
  • Prediction Relay (10 minutes)

Keep in Mind

It is important that teachers schedule PALS sessions at a time when all of their students can participate, and avoid doing so when some students might be participating in other school-related activities, such as pull-out programs or special events.

Devin Kearns, MA
PALS trainer
Vanderbilt University

Devin Kearns encourages teachers to keep an enthusiastic attitude when implementing PALS (time: 0:24).

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Teacher instructing two studentsDuring every session, teachers should take care to spend a few moments monitoring each student pair, making certain to observe every student reading at least once per week. As the teacher moves about the classroom, he or she should pay special attention to the fluency with which the students read, as well as how effectively they are able to summarize their reading passages into good main idea statements. It’s also during this time that the teacher should award points (e.g., PALS dollars) to the students.

Karin Prentice discusses the importance of teacher monitoring (time: 0:30).  

Karin Prentice
Former High-school PALS research coordinator
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

For Your Information

In addition to observing students during each PALS session, the teacher can frequently assess each student’s reading progress through curriculum-based measurement (CBM). To learn more about CBM, please take a look at these IRIS Modules:


Imagine that you are a teacher implementing PALS for the first time. As such, you carefully observe your students, making sure that they follow the correct procedures and cooperate well. You want to make sure that the Reader is reading fluently and answering questions correctly and that the Coach is giving appropriate feedback. As you monitor, you witness each of the scenarios presented below.

Watch each video and determine whether the students are following the correct procedures. Describe any errors you see and be sure to specify what scripted response the Coach should have used.

Scenario A

(time: 0:36)

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Scenario B

(time: 1:26) 

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