What are some of the most common related services used in schools?

Page 9: Social Work Services

Social Work ServicesAs a related service, school social work supports students with disabilities whose academic, behavioral, or social-emotional issues interfere with their education. Many factors—such as a student’s life in the school community, or his or her home environment—can influence a student’s performance at school. Students with disabilities might receive services such as:

  • teacher and studentSocial-skills training
  • Transition planning
  • Conflict-resolution training
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Job-placement training
Social Work Providers

Qualified Providers:

The requirements for school social work providers vary across states. The majority of states require a master’s degree in social work for licensure or certification; however, a small number of states license bachelors of social work. A specialty certificate in school social work is offered by the National Association of Social Workers, but is not required for employment in the schools because each state has its own state certification, credential, or licensing process.

Roles: A primary role of school social workers is to partner with parents and other school or community professionals on problems that affect the student.

Among their many roles, school social workers:

  • Conduct social-developmental histories
  • Make home visits
  • Assist families in getting needed wrap-around services for a student with a disability (e.g., extended care)
  • Provide information about resources and referral for additional services
  • Intervene when a crisis arises
  • Conduct behavioral observations and intervention strategies
  • Develop partnerships with community agencies
  • Coordinate school and community services
  • Improve a student’s attendance
  • Help transition students with disabilities as they exit high school to vocational rehabilitation or other adult services, universities, or programs
  • Handle conflicts
  • Prevent bullying or teasing

National Professional Organization:

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National Professional Organizations: School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA)
the SW’s Corner
Listen as Frederick Streeck and Janice Dozier discuss school social work:
Frederick Streeck
Executive Director
School Social Work Association of America
Importance of a team
(time: 0:53)
Service providers on the IEP
(time: 2:02)

Janice Dozier
School Social Worker
Metro Nashville Public Schools
Nashville, TN
Being a specialized related service
(time: 1:00)
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