How can Ms. Flores and Mr. Ericson use the school summary data to guide their efforts to help improve the scores of students with disabilities?

Page 1: A Quick Review

State BuildingState or district tests are referred to as “high stakes” because schools, principals, teachers, and (sometimes) students are rewarded or sanctioned based upon their results. Currently, there is strong political support to use assessment results for system accountability in order to assign responsibility to the school or system for students’ performance on tests. By law, state education agencies (SEAs) must include students with disabilities in all assessments, with accommodations where appropriate. In addition, SEAs are required to report the performance levels of all students, and this includes those with disabilities.

Keep in Mind

Students with disabilities should have access to the general education curriculum and should be working toward the same standards as other students. They do so with the help of:

  • Adequate instructional supports
  • Appropriate accommodations and modifications

For a more detailed explanation of high-stakes testing, view the following IRIS Module:

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