Accessing the General Education Curriculum: Inclusion Considerations for Students with Disabilities

Wrap Up

In this Module, you’ve learned about some tough issues, and now you’re ready to begin tackling the challenge of helping students with disabilities to perform at high levels on state and district assessments. Click on the movie below to hear Margaret McLaughlin and Victor Nolet as they highlight some of the key points of the Module (time: 4:14).


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Revisiting Initial Thoughts

Think back to your initial responses to the following questions. After working through the resources in this Module, do you agree with your Initial Thoughts? If not, what aspects of your answers would you change?

Ms. Flores and Mr. Ericson are reviewing the large-scale assessment data across all grade levels and want to improve the scores of students with disabilities. What problems do you think they might discover?

How can Ms. Flores and Mr. Ericson use the school summary data to guide their efforts to help improve the scores of students with disabilities?

What questions should Ms. Flores and Mr. Ericson ask the general and special education teachers?

When you are ready, proceed to the Assessment section.

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